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Marauders, Misfits and Mormons: True Stories of Early Utah - Paperback

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Be taken on adventures while learning some of the history of the Old West. Laugh, cry, and wonder while you read about familiar and unfamiliar characters, animals, and railroads.

Fight On! World War 2 and Cold War Experiences of Lt. Commander John R. "Jack" Hubbard, USNR - Paperback

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Fight On! puts the reader into the eye of the storm. Have a seat as Hitler gives one of his speeches. Arouse the ire of a German general in charge of a panzer division invading Czechoslovakia. Observe the political scene in Washington D.C. with some of the most important men of that day. Be there when Congress debates entering the war. Discover German U-Boats along the U.S.’s Atlantic and Gulf coastlines. Fly support for the Enola Gay on her historic, fateful flight. Learn of the Cold War from the perspective of an Ambassador who saw it firsthand.

Adventures with a Historian - Paperback only

Adventures Book

The complete memoirs of John R. "Jack" Hubbard, 8th president of the University of Southern California.


The Last Man to Die by Creek Law Lively Vignettes of Early Oklahoma - Paperback only

Last Man to Die


            The last man to die by Creek law, Timmie Jack, was never arrested nor held in jail.  He was simply told to appear in court on a certain date to stand trial for murder – which he did.

Route To Tokyo - Paperback only

Route Book

The contents of this book were written by John R. “Jack” Hubbard on a manual typewriter as he sailed around the world on a freighter in the 1990’s. In the twilight of his life, Jack handed his rough manuscript to his brother, George, with the request that it be edited and published under George’s direction. Every effort has been made to check names, titles, dates, events, and locations as recorded by Jack for accuracy in order to avoid claims of incompleteness, inaccuracy, libel, etc.

The Humor and Drama of Early Texas paperback only

Humor and Drama of Early Texas

Entertaining historical vignettes focus on the human-interest aspects of real people and actual events of frontier Texas. Included are stories about the early colonists, the Indians, the cowboys, the gunslingers, the lawmen, the entrepreneurs, and the statesmen. Subjects such as the conflicts with Mexico, the railroads, the Civil War, and the cattle drives are also included. The vignettes, short and well written in an easily readable style, bring history to life with the humor and drama of the people who settled Texas.

Purple Mountains & Wilderness: True Stories of the Great American West

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This fantastic collection of stories is a history buffs dream. It has an abundance of historical anecdotes about the American West.