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Fight On! World War 2 and Cold War Experiences of Lt. Commander John R. "Jack" Hubbard, USNR - ePub 5.2MB file

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Fight On! puts the reader into the eye of the storm. Have a seat as Hitler gives one of his speeches. Arouse the ire of a German general in charge of a panzer division invading Czechoslovakia. Observe the political scene in Washington D.C.

The Search Never Ends - Digital

The Search Never Ends

While perhaps not history-making, John R. "Jack" Hubbard's adventures went far beyond the scope of his naval pilot career. If you want to see what other kind of mischief he got into, join him in this short companion book, where he meets the famous poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, goes Cajun duck hunting, gives an inaugural address, and takes flight during the nighttime. Musings of John R. "Jack" Hubbard ebook is a 3.2 MB PDF. 



Financially Free in 23 Weeks Ebook

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A winning lottery ticket will not give you financial freedom – nor will governmental subsidies and bailouts. You, and only you, will determine whether or not you will achieve financial freedom, and how long it will take to do so.

Purple Mountains & Wilderness: True Stories of the Great American West 6.0 MB EPUB file

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Between 1840 and 1910, hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children from all over the world traveled deep into the underdeveloped American West, lured by the prospects of adventure, freedom, and opportunity all galvanized by the spirit of Manifest Destiny. Alongside this rapid expansion of the United States, a second, overlapping social shift was taking place: the rising status of women.

Marauders, Misfits and Mormons: True Stories of Early Utah - (ePub 202K file)

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Travel the Utah Territory wagon routes and learn some of the history of the Old West. Laugh, cry, and wonder while you read about familiar and unfamiliar characters, animals, and railroads.

Discover why Butch Cassidy was called “The Robin Hood of the West”. Find out about Pancho Villa’s and Sherlock Holmes’ relationships with the Mormons. Read about John D. Lee ‘Pioneer Extraordinaire’. Follow the Donner Party and Brigham Young along with other characters who helped shape the Utah