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True tales that will grip your heart as well as make you laugh. This book will draw you into the migration of eclectic people westward seeking new lives and building civilization literally from the ground up. With well-researched stories, George Hubbard puts you there as men and women drove westward and with their idiosyncrasies changed the face of America.


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The mid-twentieth century was a time of dramatic global events that set the stage for our world today. Jack Hubbard lived during that era. More importantly he kept detailed accounts of his experiences and observations. Jack was a witness to and participant in some of the most important activities of that day.

John R. “Jack” Hubbard, Ph.D. taught history at The University of Texas, Tulane, Yale, and the University of Southern California where he also was the eight president of the university. He served as the U.S. Ambassador to India under President Ronald Reagan.

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